#ScandicBee wallpapers are available in 2 materials:

Self-Adhesive 100% polyester woven fabric (Price 47 € / m²): Peel&Stick wallpaper. This material has a small texture. This wallpaper is easy to install. You can reposition the wallpaper within 4 hours after processing.
Material: 100% PET, PVC free, OekoTex.

Non-woven material (Price 39 € / m²): non-woven wallpaper fleece material, absolutely free of PVC and plasticizing agents. Non-woven fleece: a mix of paper and polyester. Smooth material. Glue can be applied directly to the wall!

Before printing, we will send the finished wallpaper image to the customer's e-mail address for confirmation.
Production time: 3-5 working days.

How to order!

1. Send us: the measurements of the wall (height and width) so we can give you a price.
2. Tell us the name of the wallpaper you want.
3. After budget approval, if you like the proposal, we will send you an invoice by email.
4. If everything is OK, please make the payment!
5. Receive the package at your door. Simple as that!

Email address: hello@scandicbee.ee

Fawn playing with rabbits

Fairy Field,Green

BOHO Fancy Jungle

Pink Peony

Forest Animals/ Beige

Gorgeous flowers/ Pink


Vintage Style Forest

Animal World Map Wallpaper

Pink Foggy Landscape

World of Peonies

Beige Peony

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pink Unicorns

Dragon Mountains

Fairy land


Beige Forest Friends

Fairy Field

Meadow Flowers 2

Colorful Clouds

Funny Birds

Colorful Duck Stories



Colorful Meadow

Dreamy Swans, Pink


Fresco Forest

Watercolor Woodland

Parrots Paradise

Bohemian Hydrangea Beige

Pink Meadow with Animals

World map with animals

Dreamy Fairyland

World Map Mountains

Pink Fresco Meadow

Dinosaur Landscape

Fairy Forest

Gorgeous flowers/ Pink 2

Fairy forest

Elegant Fern/ Pink

Dreamy Unicorn Forest, Blue

The Castle/ Purple

Flower field 4

To the moon

Underwater II

Dinosaur Landscape 2

Dreamy Unicorn Forest, Grey

Stone Mountains


Abstract Milky Way

Forest of Scandinavia

Blue Night Mountains


Vintage Flowers/ Beige

The Solar System

Pastel Flowers

Tree Branch Art

Silk Sky

Underwater Imagination

Call of the Jungle 2

Abstract Africa

Zoodiac, Grey

Scandinavian Style Moon

Abstract Geometry

Ocean World map

Night adventures


In the Field

Dreamland II

World map with animals 2

White Solar System

Monkey’s Paradise/ Vintage 2


Morning Forest

Under Construction

Bambi 1

Cat Stories

Jungle Friends III


Beauty Everywhere/ White

Pink Morning Forest

Vintage Flowers/ White

Dragon Story/ Pink

The secret world of cats

Dinosaur Landscape with Sky

Pink Moon

Gorgeous Leaves, Pink

Starry Sky World Map


Watercolor Pink Leaves

Tropical forest

Mighty Beauty

Jungle Friends II

Purple princess

Autumn Forest

Pink Wisteria

Sky Ocean

Floral Bunnies

Treehouse Village

Underwater Imagination 2

Colorful World Map


Zoodiac, Blue


Pink Night Mountains

Space Imaginations

Pink Lake Stories

Pink Duck Stories

Forest Landscape

Hiding Animals

Hot Air Balloon Adventures

Beige Lake Stories

The Solar System Whales


Jumping Foxes

Forest of Bears/ Beige


Hand Drawn Forest of Bears/ Beige

Bohemian Hydrangea Gold&Pink

Pines Black&White


Garden and butterflies

Unicorns in Dreamy forest


Forest Animals/ Green

Elephant King

Wild Spirit II

Flower field 3

Wild Cats, Beige colors


Pink Marble Texture

Gorgeous flowers/ Blue

Pink Birds Bohemia

Wildlife, Green

Watercolor Woodland 2

Flower field 2

Wildlife, Pink

In the forest 4

Magic Forest Fantasy 4

Fairy Wallpaper

Vintage Moon

Jungle Friends IV


Dreaming Princess

Moon with Stars

Fern Forest

Pink World Map

Wild Spirit III

Pink Garden

Purple Foggy Landscape

Call of the Jungle

Swallows 1

World of Dinosaurs

Wild Spirit I

Park Night

Gracious Giraffes

Beige Forest Friends 2

Animal fun/ Pink

Dreamy 2


Fancy Jungle

Gorgeous Palm Leaves &Butterflies

Dreamy Fairyland, Colorful

In the forest

Hanging Fern/ Pink

Blue Abstract Lines

Rainforest Spiders


La Luna

Tropical Adventures

Space Imaginations 2

City of Wonders

Forest Fun/ Night

Forest Landscape

Call of the Jungle B&W

Deer Flowers

Wild Cats, Colorful

Balloon Flight

Jungle Story

Blue Solar System

Giant Roses

Hot air balloons

Gentle Flowers

Animal World Map Wallpaper 2

Bears&Friends Beige

Dinosaur Landscape with Sky 2

Dragon Story

Dino Black

Pink Fern

In the Forest 1

Garden Horses at Night

Flying High Birds 2

Sweet Garden/ White

Fancy Jungle 2

Colorful Meadow 2

Forest of Scandinavia 2

Beige Watercolor Abstract

Dreamy Fairyland, Blue


Forest Beauty

Dreamy Unicorn Forest, Pink

Wild Cats, Less Colorful

Wild Cats, BW

World of Dinosaurs 2

Flying Elephant

Floral Foxes

Floral Birds

Animal fun

Jungle Animals

Ancient Egypt at Night

Autumn Garden

Beige Swan Lake

Animal Story

Fancy Spiders

Monkey’s Paradise/ White

Coniferous Forest

Safari 2

Floral Deers

Find Animals!

Sweet Garden

Treehouse Village/ Cats

Magic Forest Fantasy

Deer stories

Woodland Community

Watercolor Woodland 3

Green Forest

Beige Watercolor Lines

Magic Forest Fantasy 3

Gracious Giraffes 2

Zoodiac, Beige

Duck Stories

Flying High Birds

La Luna II

Sky Circus

Dreamy Swans, Colorful

Trees Oil Painting

Retro Transport


Let's hit the road 2!

Forest Animals at Night

Bohemian Birds- Pink

Pink Abstract Lines

Bohemian Hydrangea Pink&Green

Whale Tale

Savannah 2

Watercolor Africa 2

Magic Forest Fantasy 2

Watercolor Fern Leaves

Flower Madness, Pink

Pink Swan Lake

Colorful Animals

Creative 2

Under the Sea 2

Colorful woodland animals

Wetercolor Ocean

Vintage Hot Air Balloons

Safari animals

Nordic Forest

Mermaids Island/ Sunset

Green Lake Stories

Pirate's Island

La Luna III

Moon Sky

Mighty Beauty, Green

Pink Trees 2

Dino Brown

Night Fairytale

Carpathian Mountains

Tropical Eden

Vintage Animals

Woodland Community (Less colorful)

Savannah Animals 2

Animal Kingdom

Blue Geometry

Wetercolor Africa 1

Winter Landscape

Bambi 3

Mermaids Island

Ancient Egypt


Vintage Tree&Birds




Pink Trees

Savannah Animals

Abstract Pattern

Hot Wheels

Fairytale Castle

Vintage Animals/ Pink


Floral Foxes 2

Let's hit the road!

Not a Typical Wallpaper

Monkey’s Paradise/ Vintage

The Secret World of Mermaids

Creative 1

Monkey’s Paradise/ Blue

Pink Dragon Mountains

Whale wallpaper

Garden and butterflies 2

Bohemian Hydrangea

Autumn Garden/ Beige

Dreamy Swans

White Rainforest

Lets Fly /Blue

Autumn Garden/ White

Blue Tropicana

Under the Sea

Forest Fun


Bears&Friends BW

Pink Sky Circus

Watercolor Botanic


Tropicana Pattern II

Hiding Animals 2

Colorful Africa 2

Colorful Africa

Meadow Flowers

Autmn flowers


Grey Watercolor Abstract

Abstract Waves

Dreamy Fantasy, Blue

Dreamy Fantasy, Pink

Grey Treehouse

Magical Owl Flight

Magical Owl Flight 2

Colorful Parrots

Bohemian Arrangement

Forest Fantasy 1

Forest Fantasy 2

Forest Fantasy 3