#ScandicBee x Anna wallpaper designs are carefully crafted by our team. Designed to surprise! The wallpapers fit into any interior, creating an imaginative atmosphere!

#ScandicBee x Anna wallpapers available in 2 materials:

100% polyester woven fabric (Price 47 € / m²): with repositionable ahesive. Our wallpaper is easy to install. You can reposition our wallpaper during 24h after processing. Our wallpaper is custom made, to your wall size.
Materail: 100% PET, PVC free, OekoTex.

Non-woven material (Price 41 € / m²): non woven wallpaper fleece material, absolutely free of PVC and plasticising agents. Non woven fleece: mix of paper and polyester. Glue can be applied directly to the wall.

Before printing, we will send the finished wallpaper image to the customer's e-mail address for confirmation.
Production time 5-12 working days.

To order, please measure the wall length, height and multiply given sizes to get the needed quantity of square meters. Send needed quantity of a square meters and details to the email address scandicbee@gmail.com

Let's hit the road!

Dinosaur Landscape with Sky 2

Forest Fun/ Night

Forest Landscape

Tropical Eden

Сoniferous Forest

Hot Air Balloon Adventures

Savannah 2


Monkey’s Paradise/ Blue

Dinosaur Landscape 2

Colorful Animals

Sweet Garden/ White

Under Construction

Sweet Garden

Autumn Garden


Balloon Flight

City of Wonders

Autumn Garden/ White

Monkey’s Paradise/ Vintage

Fairy Wallpaper

Autumn Garden 2

Underwater Imagination

Sky Ocean

Let's hit the road 2!

Magic Forest Fantasy 3

Magic Forest Fantasy

Savannah Animals

Autumn Garden Grey

Monkey’s Paradise/ Vintage 2

Monkey’s Paradise/ White

Autumn Garden/ Beige

Space Imaginations 2

Magic Forest Fantasy 4

Magic Forest Fantasy 2

Savannah Animals 2

Underwater Imagination 2

Forest Fun

Space Imaginations

Fresco Meadow

Pink Fresco Meadow