Eucalyptus and hummingbird

With beautiful leaves and a watercolor design, this wall decal exudes serene energy. Its delicate style will bring new life to the walls. Each decal is individual and you can arrange and position it to suit your room.

The set includes 4 hummingbirds (25x25cm), 4 eucalyptus (40x18cm), 4 eucalyptus (34x16cm), 7 eucalyptus (35x16cm), 9 eucalyptus (23x17cm).

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  • Fabric material, 100% polyester,
  • Easy to use,
  • Reusable, Reuse on any smooth surface,
  • Remove in minutes,
  • Reposition for the perfect arrangement,
  • No damage to the wall,
  • Can be used on an uneven surface,
  • Can't be applied to the wallpaper,
  • Printed in Estonia.
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